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Imagine you are walking in a large space.  You hear the echo of people giggling in tandem with rhythmic air pumping in the distance and are drawn towards the sound. You come to a room to see a large pearlescent column pierced with a colorful array of translucent material flowing up and down to the rhythm of music like a field of flowers stretching in the wind.

You make your way towards the tower. It’s so soft.  A giddy, textured, thing.  As you get closer you realize the luminescent rainbow of fluttering petals aren’t flowers, but condoms. You sniff them anyway. 

Surrounded by the scent of rubber, you can’t help but to move in and let them tickle you. I mean, when’s the last time you were able to feel a sea of condoms caress you in this way?  Who knew latex could be so silky and soft to the touch? You laugh out loud and take a series of selfies.  Why wouldn’t you? You’ve just met DANCER and DANCER’S  job is done. She made you wonder and laugh out loud.

“Hey, look over here,” you hear a stranger yell to his friend.  Out of your trance you walk around to investigate and you see people peering into a small viewing window to DANCER’S core.  You gaze in to see a constellation of color piercing throughout the entire column body.  The luminescent field of beveled acrylic tubes that are holding the condoms seem to twinkle.  You are mesmerized by the color and light..



Concept installation looking for an ideal home



Concept Artist 


Anna Mackinnon, video & photography

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