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The concept for the interior design of space was rooted in an equation: 

Wonder & Awe + Courage = Infinite Possibilities

This light installation is located in the elevator lobby of a key research floor. I personally believe that the cure for cancer and other life threatening diseases already exist, it's just that our scientists haven't discovered the pattern of the correct solution yet.


Figures and data will continue to be rearranged and explored until just the right combination unlocks the discovery needed to prevent and heal the disease.

We explored this idea in this arranged pattern of light fixtures surface-mounted onto a dark ceiling. Very slowly over time, different patterns emerge, brighter than the rest of the lights, as if asking to be considered. Surrounded by a reflective perimeter, the sea of slowly transforming lights echoes into infinity. 

Currently under construction, this concept was also expressed on a broader scale in the design of the interior office and lab spaces. 


Elevator lobby art installation within new workplace​


Flad Architects:

Lead Interior, Art Installation, Graphic and FF&E design  

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