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For me, play and the ability to explore in different mediums is integral to the design process. As a design leader, I hold space for our creative teams, consultants and clients to be inspired and explore as we create a tailored experience together. 

This project is an example of how play can generate rich ideas and lead us to unexpected places. Fostering curiosity allows us to understand and connect with others in a unique and expansive way. 

Our team entered a competition held by Arzu Studio Hope to design an area rug for their collection. We had a large, eager team of volunteers with a lot of heart and little time. Our brainstorming led us to meaningful, expansive places, but none that could contain itself to an area rug graphic. Until we noticed how a ubiquitous tool so simply represented everything we discussed: Post-it notes. 

We developed a process to explore this daily tool in a different way; playing with the stacks,  photographing them then developing rug graphics from there. Alas, we didn't win the rug competition, but some stunning photographs were borne out of this effort. 3M, the makers of Post-it Notes got wind of what we created and posted our story on their website--an unexpected win!

see 3M's post here

learn more about ARZU Studio Hope here


Competition to create area rug designs for ARZU Studio Hope, a non-profit created to empower women left struggling in Afghanistan


Lead team in process design, conceptual design and photography for non-profit competition

San Francisco, CA


Led and facilitated team from concept development to completion of submission

Photography featured in 3M article

Project story and publication preparation


3M Website  "Inspired by the Simple Things"

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