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At the time, a luxury restroom was a novel idea for an airport. Changi International Airport has won many awards by leading the way in creating experiences beyond simple transit.

We were tasked to explore what an upgraded restroom lounge could look like. With a simple footprint, the design focuses on an undulating wall that fosters the personal space one desires after long, international flights.

Custom-designed, freestanding basins with individual mirrors and lights further enhance the individual experience. 


Locating the restrooms along the exterior window wall washes the spaces with natural light, while a continuous row of plants provide serenity.

With the intention of further reducing travel stress, a recycled art wall defines both restrooms, bringing natural light, curiosity and a sense of humor into the airport corridor. 


Over 2,000 toilet roll cores were sandwiched and sealed between fire-etched glass. A sliver of a clear strip on the exterior pane allows passers-by to discover the origin of the beautiful infill.


The enthusiastic Changi maintenance team was actively involved with the project, checking in regularly to verify which types of cores to be saved, keeping them dry and safe, and being present during installation for team support. 


Upscale restroom lounges with art installation entry wall; Changi International Airport, Terminal 2, located in Singapore


While at RSP Architects, Singapore:

Restroom Design & Coordination

Recycled Art Installation Design & Coordination 

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