Urban Shrine

The landscape of the myth is the landscape of

the human spirit.

-Joseph Campbell

Urban Shrine is a series of artistic shrines* dedicated to our human spirit. Weaving myth with a modern emotional challenge or “rite”

(grief, bliss, inadequacy, comfort, addiction) each shrine invites an interactive experience to be shared and witnessed in community. 

I believe we are collectively experiencing what Joseph Campbell called a Hero’s Journey: We have reluctantly ventured into unknown territory to retrieve something we need. Throughout this journey, we are facing extreme conflict and adversity. Will we persevere and return home triumphant and transformed? Or will we give up? 


Photo by Lennon Schneider



Drops in The Ocean in a Drop


Animated Studies

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We are in the Belly of the Whale--on a precipice in which cogent forces seem to be holding our human spirit hostage. Our news sources have become trauma-addictive; trapping us in a fear state while our exponentially-expanding technologies paradoxically connect and isolate us more than ever before. 

Each shrine project aims to help We-the-Hero remember who we are during this grand and mythic process. 


*For the purposes of this project, shrine is defined as an honoring space or object that connects us to something greater than ourselves.