Urban Shrine Project #1

In response to the disassociation and chaos that I and so many of us are likely feeling in the world today, I am embarking on a multi-series project called Urban Shrine.

I am fascinated by the influence space, light, flow and objects can have on our emotions. I believe that together we can create environments and experiences that support us to feel, be and do better, ultimately affecting those around us positively.


During my many visits to my ex-husband’s family in Japan, one thing that has inspired me deeply about the culture is how objects, structures and ritual are widely interlaced into daily life, helping connect people to something greater than themselves. Various types of shrines and objects become a “shared repository of personal surrender,” inviting reflective moments of awareness, gratitude, humility and even lightness. 

I am beginning this project with a series of questions via survey for any and all cultures, but beginning in English (my native language.) I hope that you can participate and will eventually benefit from this project. 




My goal is to create a variety of public art pieces that will invite us to explore and connect with our deeper emotional and/or spiritual aspects of ourselves (however we define it.)

Currently Urban Shrine is in information-gathering phase. If this project resonates with you, please follow the survey link below and/or share with others you know may be interested in this project. Thank you!


(NOTE: Currently, the survey is in English only.)

Urban Shrine Survey #1

If you have any questions or feedback, please

contact me here

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