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Workplace Strategy

Are you seeking ways to transform your current workforce culture and/or office space into a thriving creative environment? Are you looking for ways to build community and culture through thoughtful design-thinking resulting in a meaningful strategy?

Annette Jannotta is an award-winning architect, artist and “workplace whisperer.” She focuses on enhancing the human spirit through a purposeful placemaking process. This includes cultural and existing-space review. Together we develop a strategy for multi-sensory design and a plan for the key engagement moments throughout your  project.. 

Annette works with you and your team to understand your cultural strengths, areas to improve, and explore how the design of your environment can be visioned to bring out the best in your workforce. 


With over 25 years in the commercial interior design industry, high empathic strengths, and a network of talent throughout the US and Asia, Annette can help you plan your project and select the right team to meaningfully transform your company's dream into reality. 

Joy Rebel Accountability Program

Sometimes it takes a little inner-rebellion to seize the joy that can be experienced in our lives.  Especially if you are a creative and trying to keep momentum on your multiple projects while living a full life.

As a multi-passionate artist, recovering perfectionist and creative procrastinator, I've developed accountability methods that have transformed my ability to stay consistent with my productivity and maintain momentum, while living as balanced of a life as possible. 

I'd like to teach these tools to other creatives and am developing a beta program to find a process that works best. 

If you are interested in participating, please contact me. It would require about an hour of your time per week for 3-4 weeks. I'm looking for three people who will be able to commit. No charge--just honest feedback on what could make the program successful!

Thank you!

Presentations, Workshops & Courses

Are you seeking an inspiring presentation for your building industry team?  

Seeking a more expansive way for architects and builders to work, Annette created Building from Within, a presentation model that shares the value of crafting a design process founded on collaboration, trust and authenticity. She explores how to challenge and reframe common assumptions in ways that honor team relationships, bringing more joy and meaning into our work. Through building a beautiful process, we are building a beautiful world. 

In the building industry, we feel the call, enter various professions to create and build, but somewhere along the corporate-way, we often lose our WHY. Or we lose our passion because we’ve been taught that we have to suffer (or appear to suffer) to succeed. Not true! 


Now that the Great Resignation is upon us, there is no better time to transform that lie and bring meaning and purpose back into our work. 


We need our designers, builders and makers more than ever. And we need to be happy, healthy, and inspired so we can build spaces that bring that same energy to our lives. Building from Within explores ways to take us there.

Art Installation

Are you interested in community-building and increasing social engagement through a custom art installation?


Does your project aim to have a positive effect on humanity, shift perspectives or transform the “old paradigm” toward an energizing, regenerative, positive future?


Under the umbrella of Urban Shrine, Annette chooses 1-3 projects per year to create installations that engage community, are discoverable over time and aim to transform both the artwork and viewer over the span of the project.


She often collaborates with select artists, designers and makers. With each project, her ultimate goal is to remind us of and playfully re-engage our human spirit. Or depending on the piece, to rescue the human spirit from consumption.


In 2016, she was commissioned with media artist, Olivia Ting, to create Coalescence for the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery’s grand re-opening.  Coalescence was featured in Forbes magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle, among other publications. Olivia and Annette are currently working on an outdoor installation in the Bay Area, which is planned to be completed in June 2022. 


If you are interested in a customized installation created for your space, please reach out to discuss possibilities!

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